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Dr. Todd  Lookingbill
Dr. Todd Lookingbill
Associate Professor of Biology
Associate Professor of Geography and the Environment
Chair, Department of Geography and the Environment
Selected Publications

Suarez-Rubio, M. & T. Lookingbill. 2016. "Forest birds respond to the spatial pattern of exurban development in the Mid-Atlantic region, USA." PeerJ 4:e2039

Kostadinov, T. S. & T. Lookingbill. 2015. Snow cover variability in a forest ecotone of the Oregon Cascades via MODIS Terra products. Remote Sensing of Environment. 164: 155-169

Jawarneh, R., J. Julian, & T. Lookingbill. 2015. The influence of physiography on historical and future land development changes: A case study of central Arkansas (USA), 1857-2030. Landscape and Urban Planning 143:76-89

Lookingbill, T., J. Schmit, S. Tessel, M. Suarez-Rubio, & R. Hilderbrand. 2014. Assessing national park resource condition along an urban-rural gradient in and around Washington, D.C., USA. Ecological Indicators 42:147-159

Lookingbill, T., E. Minor, N. Bukach, J. Ferrari, & L. Wainger. 2014. Incorporating risk of reinvasion to prioritize sites for invasive species management. Natural Areas Journal 34:268-281.

Courtenay, C., & T. Lookingbill. 2014. Designing a regional trail network of high conservation value using principles of green infrastructure. Southeastern Geographer 54:270-290

Brickle, M., T. Lookingbill, & K. Engelhardt. 2013. Proposing new barrens National Natural Landmarks. George Wright Forum 30:253–260

Suarez-Rubio, M., S. Wilson, P. Leimgruber, & T. Lookingbill. 2013. Threshold responses of forest birds to landscape changes around exurban development. Plos One 8(6): e67593

Suarez-Rubio, M., T. Lookingbill, & A. Elmore. 2012. Exurban development derived from Landsat from 1986 to 2009 surrounding the District of Columbia, USA. Remote Sensing Environment. 124:360-370

Suarez-Rubio, M., T. Lookingbill, & L. Wainger. 2012. Modeling exurban development near Washington, DC, USA: Comparison of a pattern-based model and a spatially-explicit econometric model. Landscape Ecology. 27: 1045-1061 doi:10.1007/s10980-012-9760-1

Minor, E.S. and T.R. Lookingbill. 2010. Multiscale network analysis of protected-area connectivity for mammals in the United States. Conservation Biology  24:1549-1558

Lookingbill, T.R., A.J. Elmore, K.A.M. Engelhardt, J.B. Churchill, J.E. Gates, & J.B. Johnson. 2010. Influence of wetland networks on bat activity in mixed-use landscapes. Biological Conservation 143:974-983

Lookingbill, T.R., R.H. Gardner, J.R. Ferrari & C. Keller. 2010. Combining a dispersal model with network theory to assess habitat connectivity. Ecological Applications 22:427-441.

Minor, E.S., S.M. Tessel, K.A.M. Engelhardt & T.R. Lookingbill. 2009. The role of landscape connectivity in assembling exotic plant communities: a network analysis. Ecology 90:1802-1809

Townsend, P.A., T.R. Lookingbill, C.C. Kingdon, & R.H. Gardner. 2009. Spatial pattern analysis for monitoring protected areas. Remote Sensing Environment 113:1410-1420.

Ferrari, J.R., & T.R. Lookingbill. 2009. Initial conditions and their effect on invasion velocity across heterogeneous landscapes. Biological Invasions 11:1247-1258.

Ferrari J., T. Lookingbill, B. McCormick, P. Townsend & K. Eshleman. 2009. Surface mining and reclamation efforts on flood response of watersheds in the Central Appalachian Plateau region. Water Resources Research 45, W00407.

Lookingbill, T.R., S.S. Kaushal, A.J. Elmore, R.H. Gardner, K.N. Eshleman, R.H. Hilderbrand, R.P. Morgan, W.R. Boynton, M.A. Palmer & W.C. Dennison. 2009. Altered ecological flows blur boundaries in urbanizing watersheds. Ecology and Society 14: 10. Full Article.


Lookingbill, T. & K. Browne. 2016. Biodiversity and carbon content of trees on a university campus. Chapter 14 in D. Cowen, ed. STEM and GIS in Higher Education. ESRI Press, ISBN: 9781589484481

Lookingbill, T. & E. Minor. 2016. Assessing multi-scale landscape connectivity using network analysis. Chapter 12 in S. Gergel & M. Turner, eds. Learning Landscape Ecology: A Practical Guide to Concepts and Techniques. Springer-Verlag, ISBN: 9781493963720

Lookingbill, T., J. Schmit, & S. Carter. 2012. GRTS and graphs: Monitoring natural resources in urban landscapes. Pages 361-380 in R. Gitzen, J. Millspaugh, A. Cooper and D. Licht, eds. Design and Analysis of Long-term Ecological Monitoring Studies. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK.

Lookingbill, T., Rocca, M. & D. Urban. 2011. Focused assessment of scale-dependent vegetation pattern. Pages 111-138 in A. Drew, Y. Wiersma, and F. Huettmann, eds. Predictive Species and Habitat Modeling in Landscape Ecology. Springer Press, New York.

Additional Publications

Lookingbill, T., H. Courtenay, J. Finn, R. Gifford, N. Hatchel, M. Mulroy, A. Pericak & M. Rouch. 2017. Booker T. Washington National Monument Natural Resource Condition Assessment: Virginia. Natural Resource Report NPS/BOWA/NRR. National Park Service, Fort Collins, Colorado.

Lookingbill, T., N. Somerville, C. Sibilia, D. Kitchen & K. Engelhardt. 2016. Evaluation of Bear Rocks, WV Plateau for its Merit in Meeting National Significance Criteria as a National Natural Landmark. Prepared for National Natural Landmark Program, National Park Service, Gettysburg, PA.

Lookingbill,  M. Brickle, & K. Engelhardt. 2013. Evaluation of Albany Pine Bush for its Merit in Meeting National Significance Criteria as a National Natural Landmark. Prepared for National Natural Landmark Program, NPS. National Park Service, Boston, MA.

Lookingbill, T., B. Miller, J. Madron, J. Finn, & A. Valenski. 2013. Petersburg National Battlefield Natural Resource Condition Assessment: Virginia. Prepared for Natural Resources Condition Assessment Program, NPS. Natural Resource Report. NPS/PETE/NRR—2013/704. National Park Service, Fort Collins, CO.

Ph.D., Duke University
B.A., Princeton University
Contact Information
311 Carole Weinstein International Center
(804) 289-8265
(804) 484-1577 (Fax)
Areas of Expertise
Landscape Ecology
Protected Areas Management
Natural Resource Monitoring Design and Assessment
Forest Community Ecology