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In its essence, the study of geography is international as geographers study human societies and their interaction and understanding of the physical and natural environments in all corners of the world. It is important for future geographers to understand the cultural perspectives of the local population when reviewing geographical data about a certain region of the world. Studying abroad gives students a chance to understand the study of geography from different cultural perspectives.

In order to accomplish the above goal, the Department of Geography recommends that study abroad students consider the following when studying abroad:

  • Take at least one class in regional or local geography
  • Look for hands-on experiences, such as fieldwork
  • Find coursework in languages other than English (when possible)
  • Take classes abroad that our department does not offer or offers infrequently, such as remote sensing, asian geography, african geography, etc. (when possible)

Recommended Programs

Below is a list of programs that the geography department recommends for receiving geography major credit. Some programs offer physical, human/cultural and GIS-related subjects. Others may only offer one or two of these subjects. A list of unique courses that offer specialized courses or field work are listed separately. Of course, it is possible to receive geography credit for courses taken on other programs, decided on a case-by-case basis. To explore these and other programs, including summer programs, internships and semester programs in other locations, as well as information on financial aid, scholarships and application procedures, visit the Office of International Education.

University-Based Programs

Specialized Courses and Field Study

Geography Study Abroad Advisor

Contact the Department Chair for advising relating to study abroad.

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